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I paid TW Tim Wallace to fix my windows in cash upfront and he sent a kid to do the work.Kid did not finish job and did it wrong.

I repeatedly called TW who screens his calls and never called back. Stole my money for fixing house. Very bad man. I would never hire again.

Bad work, steals money and immoral person. I can't beleive I call and leave many messages and he just ignored me all the time. Never ever trust this man.

He also is called TW and company was A Better Choice Home Improvement.He is unethical.

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TW is driving an old Chevy Blazer now. I would not do business with him and he might use other names but only has 1 car.


I have his new number (704-201). Email me.


I have his new number (704-201). Email me.


TW Wallace.Guy ain't no better than a $5 crack wh*re - do anything to get his next fix.

He tells people he knows plumbing, electric, specializes in HVAC, painting, decks - you name it. Ain't licensed, insured or anything. Screwed aunt out of money. Used to operate with a 704-995-6337 number that was disconnected last summer.

Then operated under 704-483-4595 which he screened the calls.

Now that number is diconnected.Anyone know his new number let me know.


I had AC trouble and someone refered a Tim Wallace to me a year back.Looks like same guy.

Anyway, he says my whole AC is no good and rights a quote to install a brand new Goodman for $2000 yet says he can't pull a permit becuase he has no license. He asks me for $1500 upfront to pay for AC and then $500 for labor when done. Yeh, right!!!

I call another company and they said you just need 3 lbs of freon and its been working fine ever since.Any response Wallace


Know the guy you are talking about.He used to steal electricity from Duke Power by rigging the meter device and got caught a few times.

Not surprising he is suspected of drug dealing and stuff.

Defnately a shady character.Never pay upfront is best advice when dealing with contractors.


Evidence manager gets 3 years

By Lisa Emmerich, Sentinel Staff Writer | June 23, 2005

DELAND -- A former Volusia County Sheriff's Office evidence manager was sentenced to three years in prison and 10 years' probation Wednesday for stealing nearly $500,000 worth of drug evidence from the DeLand compound he supervised. Tim Wallace of New Smyrna Beach pleaded guilty in April to conspiracy to traffic cocaine and official misconduct. He was arrested in February 2004 after investigators said he altered records and replaced some drug evidence with sod to try to hide the thefts.


Is this that Jerry Garcia guy that is like 40 years old and looks like he is 65.I know this Tim TW Wallace.

That's how drugs mess you up.

Sorry he riped you off.Don't pay upfront next time, half.

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