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Tim Wallace goes around Mecklenburg County and Charlotte, NC commiting fraud on unsuspecting people. Claims to be licensed HVAC or Plumbing or General Contractors or Electrician. He is none of these. No insurance or anything. I have seen many postings about him.

Bottom line about Tim Wallace (TW) from Denver/Sherrills Ford, NC area - he says anything to get a job which he has no skills or qualifications to even do. He will use the wrong parts and portray to you that the job was completed and collect the money and when you inspect his work it is faulty.

He purposely installed the wrong parts on my friends AC Systems and charged person for repeated call backs which totalled $1000. The wrong part he installed could have blew the compressor and ruined the whole $4000 unit but what does he care.

Tim Wallace AC Repair is a complete scam and he is a *** man.

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He used to go under the name Better Choice.Always has money problems.

He has a sister in the area.

Just beware, his work is faulty and he probably is a scam artist like people claim.Very raggedy looking guy.

Parrish, Florida, United States #212585

Thanks for the warning.I googled AC Repair and Denver (where I live).

I will definately avoid this character Tim Wallace.By the way many people have referenced this fellow on this and other sites.


Only people with teeth like TW Wallace at the age of 40 are junkies.Guys been pulling the same scam in area for years.

Messed up friends AC unit. Also tells people he is licensed plumber or Electrician.

Takes money and does not do work as promised.Just maybe gets money for his habits..


Agree 100% with person.He claimed credentials to me and gave me a quote to replace a 3 year old AC unit saying it I needed a 2.5 ton AC and I currently had a 2 ton.

Took money.

I found another company and they said unit was fine, I just had a hole/leak in the duct in the attic.Tim Wallace cooned me too.

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